eBrigade est un logiciel de gestion adapté à tout secteur
L'outil eBrigade permet de manager vos employés, vos paiements et vos stocks

The management software adapted to any sector

eBrigade supports you to save time every day and simplify your tasks

Fully configurable, eBrigade adapts to any type of sector:

  • Professional
  • Associative
  • Institutional

eBrigade helps you create your schedules as well as manage your staff and equipment. But also to centralize the management of your events, flows, accounting, etc...

Employees, agents, members or supplies: all your information is updated online, in real time. They remain accessible and modifiable at any time, from any device (PC, Tablet, Mobile, ...).

Take pleasure in managing your organization, body, company when and where you want...


The essential software that organizes your staff

Easily manage your staff thanks to eBrigade's intuitive dashboard.

Better than a spreadsheet, eBrigade excels at managing your members.

eBrigade manages your database with simplicity.

Enter the name, first name, contact details and structure your staff database as you wish. You can create all the necessary fields such as skills, function, competencies and much more.
Being able to configure each element gives an exclusive advantage to our software adapted to all sectors.

Listing, archiving your staff while managing your logistics becomes child's play.

Gérez votre base de données et votre personnel avec eBrigade
Un logiciel SIRH qui permet de segmenter et répertorier vos salariés
eBrigade permet un grand gain de temps grâce à ses plannings
eBrigade permet de gérer vos calendriers et plannings avec facilité

Manage your schedules flexibly

Create, optimize and manage your schedule at any time.

eBrigade takes care of your schedules and allows you to save precious minutes every day.

No need to notify each person of a calendar change, as soon as the schedule is updated, a notification can be automatically sent to each one. The online schedule remains accessible to everyone, at all times.

Visualize, modify, notify, your schedule is 100% flexible.


Manage your events simply

Create, notify and let each user who wants to register.

Thanks to the "Activity" feature, you will save time. The "Activity" feature allows you to create your events and then notify other users.

Notified people can register directly on the platform.

You can then manage and organize participants according to their skills and your needs. Each of them can follow the progress of the organization in real time, just by logging in.

Quickly find the reinforcements you need without having to look for them.

eBrigade permet un suivi en temps réel de chaque détail de votre évènement
Avec eBrigade, vous avez une vue globale vos divers évènements

eBrigade supports you

The team simplifies the implementation and deployment for you

ebrigade affecte un interlocuteur pour développer votre projet


An eBrigade contact person assigned to develop your project

eBrigade déploye deux assistants pour réseoudre vos problèmatiques


Two assistants deployed to solve your issues

Les serveurs d'hébergement d'eBrigade sont conformes aux RGPD


Your solution implemented on our GDPR compliant servers

eBrigade vous assure une prise en charge complète de votre plateforme


Complete support for configuring your platform

eBrigade apporte une solutionn rapide et efficace pour la migration de vos données


Help and advice for importing and migrating your data

eBrigade développe des modules spécifiques et adaptés à votre projet


Development of specific modules tailored to your project


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