Organize the management of your follow-ups

Within your organization, stakeholder monitoring is decisive but requires time. So, eBrigade saves you valuable time for all follow-ups and interviews (staff, prospects, customers, etc.).

For optimal management and perfect organization, each follow-up or interview can be added in a few seconds on eBrigade. The addition can concern either a person internal to the organization or an external person by creating their file in a few clicks.

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Stay up to date with your follow-ups and interviews

For each follow-up or interview, a manager is designated. Several managers can be hired, which streamlines their management.

All follow-ups are listed on an intuitive and accessible dashboard. On the latter, the recorded items can be segmented according to what is to be done, late, today, tomorrow, this week. This display segmentation greatly simplifies monitoring tracking while remaining up to date. Also, each planned element can be modified, made secret, deleted...

All information and documents related to monitoring are recorded on eBrigade.


Advanced and simplified management for each of your follow-ups

In addition to the dashboard, a scheduled follow-up or interview is automatically listed in the module calendar. All managers have access to their own calendar with the appointments assigned to them. The agenda allows you to identify upcoming items in the short and long term while being within easy reach.

Finally, a questionnaire can be asked of the people being monitored. The goal is to get feedback on different points. Thus, from the questionnaire tab, all the answers and feedback obtained can be consulted.



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